Scribes of Ra

For a Wellington afro-beat band, 2005
Photos by Amelia Handscomb

Johnny Cash and the Holy Horses

for Deluxe Cafe, Wellington, 2003
Photos by Amelia Handscomb


Bird Country

Some overalls I made for a VCA grad film Bird Country, directed by Anna Vera Dudas, 2009.
Photos by Michael Latham


Poodle Suit

Here is dancer Deanne Butterworth in a poodle suit I made for John Cage's Musicircus, a 24-hour dance piece in the Melbourne International Arts Festival, 2007. The other one is a real dog. Can you tell which is which?

Let's get fizzical

After I finished fashion school I moved to the tiny town of Foxton, NZ, to learn how to make swimsuits while working part time at 'Foxton Fizz', a ye olde soft-drink company. These shots show exactly what my life was like.
Photos by Amelia Handscomb

Style advice, NZ Herald, circa 07


Legowelt 'Equestrian 707' video

Some work for a music video with a poltergeistery feel, for Dutch electro outfit, Legowelt.
Photos by Jono Rotman